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Pouring Clear Water
The Best Whole House Reverse Osmosis System Made

Do you have any of these problems with your water?

Has your area been found to have high levels of PFAS or other Toxic Chemicals?

We have the best PFAS Removal System Available!

Does your water taste or smell bad?

Our Whole House Water Treatment Equipment will make your water taste and smell GREAT!

Is your water leaving rust stains on everything?

We can filter out the Iron and make your water crystal clear!

Does your water leave spots on your dishes and glasses?

Our System will remove the hardness and make your water spots go away for good!

Do you know what chemicals are in your water?

We can make your water nearly chemical free!

We can solve all of these problems!

The Best Way To Treat All Your Homes Water And Filter Out The PFAS, Arsenic, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, Iron and many other chemicals is With Our Whole House Water Treatment Equipment!!

Regular Water Softeners DO NOT Remove PFAS!

If You Are Looking For A Total Solution For All Your Water Problems, Look No Further, Because Our Whole House Reverse Osmosis System Which Includes PFAS Removal Will Take Care Of All Your Water Worries! It Will Give You Really, Really, Really Clean Water!!

We would be happy to test your water for the following problems

Hardness  Iron  Nitrates  PH  TDS  Arsenic  Sulfur  Chlorine Lead Nitrites

For A Free Water Test and More Information

Iron/RustHard Water Calcium/ScaleSulfur/Bad SmellUsing Bottled Water?

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PFAS Removal

We have the Best Solution for removing PFAS and other chemicals from your water. Our Whole House Water Treatment Equipment takes out Arsenic, Lead, Sulfur and many other chemicals. Every Home in Michigan should have Really, Really, Really Clean Water and we can help you get it.

Our revolutionary new whole house water treatment equipment will remove nearly all toxic chemicals from your water. As a result it treats ALL the water in your house not just under the sink. It is the BEST Whole House Reverse Osmosis System you can buy. It will make all the water in your home exceed the National Drinking water standard. Please give us a call and let us help you get the Really, Really, Really Clean Water that you deserve.

Smelling Egg

Does Your Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Does your water just stink? This is caused by sulfur which can be removed with the proper equipment and treatment. Based on our specialized equipment that will remove the bad smells from the water leaving it fresh and odor free your water problems will go away. We sell systems that remove the cause of the problem.  They automatically treat all the water throughout the house, not just your sink faucet.

No More Bottled Water

Are You Buying Bottled Water?

Drinking Water is very important to everyone and should be the best water that you can get. We have a Drinking Water System that will take bad tasting/smelling water and remove the chemicals and impurities and turn it into water that meets or exceeds the National Drinking Water Standard NSF/ANSI 42

Rusty Drain

Do You Have Rust Stains?

Does your water taste like metal? Rust stains come from having a high iron content in your water. It will make sinks, toilets and bathtub look bad and your cloths look discolored and stained. It will make the water taste like metal. This can be removed with our special iron removal system.  Let us help fix your water problems.

Safe to bath in

Is Your Water Safe?

Do you know what is in your water?

We can make your water safe for your entire family. 
Not just the water you drink, but all your water for the whole house. 
Let us help you to protect your family from the contaminates in your water.

PFAS Removal

How To Remove PFAS From Your Water?

PFAS is a toxic chemical that has been turning up in ground water all over the state. It has been linked to causing cancer and many other health problems.

We have several solutions for reducing the level of PFAS, PFOS and PFOA in your water. 

If you believe that your water has been contaminated by PFAS or other similar chemicals we recommend a full water test which will help us determine the types of equipment we will use to treat your water problems and remove the contaminants.

Let us make your Water Safe to drink and use.


Do You Want To Remove The Chemicals From Your Water?

Do you believe that you have toxic chemicals in your water? Do you have PFAS, PFOA, PFOS in your area? Do you have Nitrates, Chromium or Arsenic in your water? All of these things are VERY BAD for you both to drink and even to contact your skin. Most of them have been proven to cause cancer. We can fix bad water.

We have several ways to remove chemicals from water. We will need to sample your water first to determine which chemicals are in the water and their concentrations to then determine the best equipment solution to remove the chemicals. We have some of the best home drinking water systems, home water filters and home water treatment systems to solve these problems.

Let us help make your water Clean and Safe to Use and Drink.

Plugged Pipe

How to Fix Hard Water

Do your glasses have water spots? Do your cloths look dull? Is your skin extra dry? Do you need to use a lot of soap to get things clean?

These are all signs that you have very hard water.

Hard Water makes cleaning more difficult as well as requiring more soap to do its job. It leaves water spots on dishes and anything else it drys on.

We have the best solutions for fixing hard water problems. After determining what type of hard water you have we will choose one of our water treatment systems that is best suited for your unique water problem. Let us help you to get good water for your home. 

Charger Product Line

Fix Your Water Problems Now!!

Weller Water has a team of dedicated specialists continually developing improved drinking water systems. Weller Water prides itself on custom fitting your home, cabin or office with the best of drinking water systems. Heightened awareness of the pollutants in your water is as important as the food you eat or the air you breath. Filtered water is crisp, clear and pure the way nature intended. Filtered water gives you peace of mind. Drink to your future with a water treatment system for a safer, healthier you!

Weller Water is a Family Owned Business with over 25 years combined experience in solving the toughest water problems.

Please give us a call so we can solve yours.


Our Goal At Weller Water Is To Create Clean And Safe Water For Everyone In Michigan, One House At A Time.

Let Weller Water Help Make ALL Your Water GREAT

Weller Water is a  family owned and operated water treatment company. Weller Water provides residential and commercial water filtration, water treatment and water purification systems. Our systems treat all your water. Weller Water provides a full-service experience to all our customers. We feel our customers are family and deserve the same level of respect and consideration we give to our own families. Weller Water has some of the best water treatment equipment available with affordable pricing and options, helping more households solve their water problems every day.

Weller Water has a full line of professional equipment to solve all your water needs. Reverse Osmosis Systems, Scale and Sulfur Filtration Systems, Water Softeners and Iron Removal Systems. Get the water you deserve! Please Call Us Now To Speak To One Of Our Water Treatment Experts.