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At Weller Water our goal is to help everyone in Michigan get Really, Really, Really Clean Water. 

Our revolutionary new whole house reverse osmosis system will do just that for you. 

It will Filter all your homes water, making in clean and safe to use for everyone in your family.

Everyday there are more and more sites in Michigan where high Lead levels have been found in the water. This is only going to get worse as more testing is being done. The awareness of PFASLeadNitriteIronArsenic and Nitrate contamination has created a greater awareness of water quality here in Michigan.

Once Iron is exposed to the ground it then starts to make its way into the ground water where it never goes away. It continues to contaminate the surface water while getting deeper and deeper until it makes it to the Aquifer where it then gets into homes through their wells. Too much Iron has been proven to create many heath issues including several types of cancer.

We offer the Best Whole House Reverse Osmosis system for nearly complete removal of the Iron from your water, not just your drinking water. Should you be bathing in a toxic chemical? Should you be cooking with Toxic Chemicals? If your water has toxic chemicals in it, skin contact is not recommended. Absorbing chemicals through your skin is just as bad as drinking them.

Our system will remove the toxic chemicals from your water bringing the levels down to nearly ZERO. There is NO other single product sold today that can come even close to the level of purity that our system produces. It gives you Really, Really, Really Clean Water!!

Our system uses new innovative proprietary products that have been found through a 3rd party independent testing lab to have the best rejection rate of toxic chemicals in the industry. The system has a very small foot print so it does not take over your whole basement.

Our Team of Professionals are traveling to all areas in Michigan testing water nearly every day, so please let us test yours.

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Hazards of Iron Overload

Earlier this year, Nutrition Action Health letter, published by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, summarized the latest evidence for the effects of excess iron stores.

The problem with too much stored iron is that, short of bleeding, the body can’t easily get rid of it. Menstruating women are unlikely to have a problem, but for others with high stores the recommended treatments include phlebotomy and frequent blood donation. Without these measures, excess iron gets deposited in the liver, heart and pancreas, where it can cause cirrhosis, liver cancer, cardiac arrhythmias and diabetes.

These health consequences can develop even in people without hemochromatosis, the genetic disorder, who accumulate very high levels of stored iron. For example, among 32,000 women followed for 10 years in the Nurses’ Health Study, those with the highest levels of stored iron were nearly three times as likely to have diabetes as those with the lowest levels. Likewise, among 38,000 men in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, those who consumed the most heme iron had a 63 percent greater risk of developing diabetes.

Other studies have shown that when people with high levels of stored iron donate blood regularly, their insulin sensitivity and risk of diabetes diminishes.

While the risk of cancer from too much iron is uncertain except in people with hemochromatosis, the known links between high levels of red meat consumption and cancers of the colon and prostate are highly suggestive of an increased risk associated with excessive consumption of heme iron.

As for heart disease, the link found in some studies to high levels of heme iron consumption may reflect the effect of saturated fats from red meat, the richest source of heme iron, more than that of iron itself.

High levels of iron have been found in the brains of people with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease). But sick brain cells accumulate abnormal levels of minerals like aluminum, so iron in these cases may be an effect of brain disease rather than its cause.

Nonetheless, there are ample health and environmental reasons to limit consumption of red meat to no more than two or three times a week and to focus more on poultry, seafood and plant sources of protein (dried beans and peas, nuts and foods made from them).

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